Paper Wings

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Paper Wings

Paper Wings is a fun game of physics - you take control of a paper bird and must control its flight. You may think this is easy however you have to account for wind resistance, drag and forward momentum. Your bird travels at a relatively slow speed when simply hovering; to move it quickly, you must take advantage of air currents and perform dives and swoops.

When flying, the aim is to collect the golden balls while staying out of the water and avoiding the red balls. As you progress you unlock new birds to control such as a paper pigeon and a paper owl. Be careful not to hit the water too many times or you will sink; also ensure you collect as many golden balls as possible - if you miss too many your turn will finish. This game has great playability and it is a challenge to see how many of the different birds you can unlock! Can you control the paper birds and soar gracefully through the air?

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