Tower of Non

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Tower of Non
[Here comes the game]
Credits: Crazy Games

Tower of Non is a challenging dungeon crawler! Choose one of four available classes: warrior, mage, rogue, or ranger. Then, it's adventure time in an endless dark dungeon full of monsters! Each time you play, the dungeon is newly generated to always provide a unique experience. Kill monsters with your attack and gain experience for levelling up. Dodge their attacks as often as possible because your health rarely restores. Use skills to help you in the battle, but watch out for your remaining mana. Collect scattered lore scrolls to get an idea of what is behind all of this mystery. As you proceed to the lower levels of the dungeon, the enemies are getting tougher. Try to accumulate as many points as possible by killing monsters and acquiring lore scrolls. Can you find out the answer to this mystery?

Walktrough video