Tech Support: Error Unknown

Blog 27 Feb , 2018 0

Become a leading Tech Support specialist as you resolve customer issues. Hack your system to unlock it’s potential, GPS track lost phones, scan profiles to blackmail customers, or simply propose they reboot. Climb the corporate ladder or secretly join the rogue hacktivist group, the choice is yours.

Tech Support: Error Unknown is entirely played through a computer monitor, using email, banking software and the ticket manager to perform your job as a tech support specialist. Every day, you answer calls from customers having issues with their smartphones, providing solutions following company guidelines and earning your commission along the way.

But soon you find yourself caught in the middle of a conflict between your company and a hacktivist group. New guidelines emerge and new software is made available to help you perform your work. You can track phones, download personal information, even hack your own computer. Perhaps some of these tools can be used to uncover the truth?

As the newly hired hired phone tech support specialist for Quasar, you have done your best to answer the flurry of customer chat calls to the best of your abilities. But when the secret hacktivist group Indigo contacts you with a conspiracy claim, it’s up to you to choose who to side with.

You’re in control of your life, you can choose to side with Quasar, Indigo, or neither. Just as long as you continue doing your job as a tech support specialist, nothing can go wrong, right?

Key features

  • Solve a series of technical problems
  • Blackmail customers for personal gain
  • Choose your friends wisely
  • Engage in procedural conversations
  • Hack your way to the truth
  • Rise above a simple tech support specialist