Manage a farm up in the sky and plant various crops and let them grow. Become a successful farmer and be wary of the various pests in The Flying Farm! Make the farm fruitful and prosperous, together with the helper bot Marvin at Mr Barney’s ranch.

The Flying Farm is a fun and relaxing time management and farm simulation video game where you try to manage a farm that’s a thousand feet up in the air with the help of the cool flying robot Marvin. Beware of the various pests that roam the sky as they will destroy your crop and infest nearby ones if you don’t get rid of them fast enough. Make sure to water your crop so that they will grow faster and become healthier! Plant different seeds and complete your mission to proceed to the next level!

The full version of the game can be downloaded from Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s AppStore.

Walktrough video