It's a challenging tower defense game with a dash of bacteria thrown in just for fun! Your objective is to stop the microbes from getting through to your delicious food. It may sound simple, but it's not. These microbes are a hardy lot and require targeted shooting to eliminate them.

Pick up your trusty bow tower, something every microbe fighter needs, place them, and set 'em up to kill whatever microbes come their way.

Be aware, you need to select which colored microbes your towers can attack. E.g. a tower that is set to red, will only kill red microbes. Of course you can set your tower to kill various colored microbes, but it costs. So be selective and use only the colors needed in any given level.

Also, remember you can upgrade your tower shooting speed and range and there are super attack buttons that you can use once they are charged up.

Be prepared to fail before you win. It takes a bit of getting used to and fast thinking to get through this game.

Good luck and defend well.

Walktrough video