Wanderers of Io is a multiplayer game where you lead a tribe of tiny people through a hostile sandbox. You don't give direct orders to your minions - instead they interact with the objects in sight if they have the right tools - for example an axe will allow minion to cut down trees and a bow will let him hunt animals.

The gameplay revolves around search for the meadows separated by barren land which are the main source of food and wood that you need to survive. Two main threats are AI controlled barbarians and tribes owned by other players. To help your minions in the battle you can exchange experience for new traits and upgrades which will cost you gold. After the battle you will be able to loot the corpses and heal wounds by the campfire.

Currently the goal of the game is to get as high score as possible - which involve teaming up with other tribes to outnumber your foes. Within a few weeks the author wants to add new modes based on domination and match making as well as new characters such as wizards.

There is a detailed tutorial page with GIFs explaining the gameplay

The game is a love letter to the classic productions featuring tiny folks such as Cannon Fodder, The Settlers, Mega-lo-mania, Lemmings.

Walktrough video